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Save money and help the environment by installing Solar PV panels

Have you ever considered installing solar panels and using renewable energy to power your house, but the cost of solar panel installation has been putting you off? Consider no more, we are now able to offer energy efficiency grants for solar PV installation as well as boiler upgrades, first time central heating system, ground or air source heat pumps, and loft/underfloor/cavity wall insulation!

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun, converting it to direct current electricity. The solar inverter then converts direct current electricity from the solar modules to alternating current electricity, which is used by most of your home appliances. Electricity then flows through your home, powering the devices!

Why solar panels?

  • Solar panels produce renewable energy are a great alternative to replace fossil fuels, they don’t produce carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses or pollute the air. Hence it's environmentally friendly!

  • Besides all the good you’ll be doing for the environment, you’ll be saving on your electricity bill. Energy generated from the sun is FREE!

  • In addition according to the new government rules, homeowners will be able to sell the electricity they produce but haven’t used, back to their energy supplier. So what are you waiting for?

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